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Core 2.0 Off Road Electric Bike

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  • Enhanced Suspension for Rugged Terrains
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The CORE 2.0 Off Road Electric Bike is built for fearless riders who crave excitement and adventure. Featuring Overland Tires, Adjustable Air Compression Front Suspension, and a Rear Cargo Rack with Passenger Pegs, this bike delivers speed, resilience, and agility for an elevated off-road experience. 

Experience the ultimate in off-road dominance with our 20" x 4" Overland tires, designed with heavy-duty treaded studs that you can always rely on. These rugged studs deliver superior grip and control in the roughest conditions.

Inverted Front Fork system with an adjustable compression knob enables precise control over the responsiveness, providing a smooth and comfortable ride over bumps, jumps and rough terrain. With its adjustable settings, riders can effortlessly modify the suspensions stiffness and travel to optimize performance for different riding disciplines.


  • Electric Bike Size 45"
  • Bike Weight 65 lbs
  • Weight Limit 350 lbs
  • Seat Height 35.25"
  • Fork Suspension Size 25"
  • Suspension Travel 125mm
  • Brake Rotor 180mm
  • Rear Suspension 12"
  • Rear Rack 10.75" x 10.75"
  • Handle Bars 10.5" x 27.25"
  • Crank Arms 170mm
  • Range Up To 50 Miles