Getting Your E-Scooter Back On The Road This Spring

If you winterized your e-bike or e-scooter, getting it back on the road this spring shouldn’t be a big challenge. If the battery was removed over the winter, you’ll need to recharge it to 100% and reinstall it in the e-bike or e-scooter. 

If the e-scooter doesn’t start, you may need a new battery, the Electric Rides HQ team recommends buying replacement batteries and parts from our trusted partner   

Make sure to check your tires and be sure to inflate them to their correct pressure (PSI) before riding the scooter. Also check that your lights are working – headlights, indicator lights and brake lights.  Test your brakes at slow speed before venturing out into the road.

As soon as you have gone through the above steps, and you have started your scooter and you’ve made all the safety checks, take it for a 10 minute ride to make sure it is operating correctly. And just like your e-bike or e-scooter, you’ve probably gotten a little rusty over the winter. Remember to take it slow at first and enjoy the ride!