Electric Scooters - Affordable & Fast Delivery To Hawaii

Looking for a fast and inexpensive way to ship your Crazy Cart XL, Razor Ground Force GoKart or any MotoTec electric scooter to all eight major islands of Hawaii? Well then, we've got you covered at Electric Rides HQ!

As a resident of Hawaii, you already know the challenges of getting products shipped form the mainland to your doorstep at a reasonable price, especially electric scooters that weigh more than 150 lbs.

Because Hawaii is a US state, many residents shop online from mainland American retailers, which means you’ll need to consider if the online retailer is legitimate and represents great value for money.

Let's face it, often times your choices as a resident of Hawaii is limited, as most mainland USA online electric scooter retailers are scared off from sending shipments to Hawaii due to costs and of course, delivery times are another consideration.

Get Your Razor Crazy Cart DLX shipped right to your Hawaii doorstep.

In the face of all this, it’s important to find the right online retailer who will give you a personalized service.  Electric Rides HQ provides our customers in Hawaii with great prices, responsive customer service and our team makes sure that your Razor product is packed and delivered door-to-door to all eight major islands of Hawaii typically within 14 days from ordering.

Get Your Razor Ground Force GoKart shipped right to your Hawaii doorstep.

Here's what our customers in Hawaii are saying:

"Electric Rides HQ's shipping price to deliver my Razor Crazy Cary XL to Kailua-Kona  was unbeatable.  After I placed my order, the support team kept me updated and made sure the delivery went smoothly.  Any resident of Hawaii looking for a legit Razor dealer with great prices should definitely check out Electric Rides HQ!"

Don P. 

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